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The Altar of Hate (hardcover)

The Altar of Hate (hardcover)

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The Altar of Hate


THE ALTAR OF HATE is a collection of Vox Day’s short fiction that is unrelated to his ARTS OF DARK AND LIGHT epic fantasy or his QUANTUM MORTIS science fiction series. The anthology include tales of blood feuds in Venice, diplomatic assassinations, scientific genocide, cyperpunk, magical journeys into the distant past, and the selling of infernal machines. It includes the following:

  • Raj and Garou
  • A Reliable Source
  • The Lesser Evil
  • Demons in the Disk Drive
  • Contempt
  • A Medal for a Marine
  • The Logfile
  • The Last Testament of Henry Halleck
  • Once Our Land
  • The Deported
  • Bane Walks On
  • Seven Kill Tiger
  • Shinjuku Satan
  • The Altar of Hate

Hardcover edition. 194 pages.
Ebook (EPUB format) included. Also available separately from Barnes & Noble.
Available in: USA, UK, and Canada For the rest of the world, the hardcover is available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

VOX DAY is one of the most intelligent, most eclectic, and most dangerous writers of his generation. With a literary range that spans from philosophy and economic commentary to epic fantasy and science fiction, he has been banned from every major social media platform and is specifically forbidden from setting foot inside Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

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