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Chuck Dixon’s Avalon paperback edition

Chuck Dixon’s Avalon paperback edition

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From the mean streets of Moseley to the oceanfront villas of Diamond Beach, crime affects everyone in Avalon. And the presence of the superhumans known around the city as “specials” hasn’t made life for the average citizen any better. Unlike their criminal counterparts, the crime-fighting duo of King Ace and Fazer are true heroes. All Fazer and the big guy are trying to do is make everyday life better for everyone who lives in their city.

But even heroes face temptation.

Written by legendary comics writer Chuck Dixon, Chuck Dixon’s Avalon is set in the world of ALT-HERO. The Volume 1 Omnibus collects Issues 1 through 12.

Paperback edition. 308 pages
Available in: USA, UK, Canada
Outside the USA, the book is available via Amazon and local booksellers.

Chuck Dixon is the most-published author in Western comics. He is the author of CHUCK DIXON’S CONAN, BATMAN, THE PUNISHER, and many other books and comics.

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